Teem launches with Simple Cloud Automation service for Enterprises and Cloud Consulting Partners

Teem launches with Simple Cloud Automation service for Enterprises and Cloud Consulting Partners

AWS Summit, Sydney, April 28–2016

Today I’m announcing launching into the Public Cloud market a new service that aims to simplify the cloud journey from start ups to Enterprises. We’re a fairly new company only founded last year after several months of planning and R&D in developing products and services that make cloud automation simpler.

I’m delighted as a co-founder of Teem to be able to bring something into the market that focusses on improving business agility and removing barriers in cloud adoption. After consulting for some of APAC region’s top tier Public Cloud Consulting partners and customers including Fronde, Bulletproof (recently acquired Cloud House) and Orion Health I saw an opportunity to help companies and partners in this area.

Take the ANZ region for example: we have several really good AWS Consulting & Managed Services partners who are good at operating and running cloud environments as well as providing professional services on how to architect and migrate your applications.

One of the areas where there is an opportunity for partners and customers looking at growing their cloud portfolio is to reduce the time for new applications and infrastructure to run in AWS. This is the start of the journey and the place where a lot of learning and mistakes are made.

Teem reduces the above problem by providing in house developed software and tools that take a customer’s application requirements and then create the running environments within minutes, instead of several weeks or months of writing automation templates and scripts.

Once customers have the platform in place to run their new cloud environments they can then be left to focus on innovation, new projects and delivering end value to their customers and internal teams.

If this sounds like something your business is exploring and you would like to see how we remove the complexity from cloud, contact us on our website and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

We look forward to sharing some more information about our journey in helping businesses become more agile.

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