Teemops, making life simpler on AWS

Recently we launched Teem Ops, our flagship product into the wild. This has been at times an exciting journey and other times a slow journey. Any product development is several times harder than just delivering a service that can be improved iteratively over time.

Teem Ops helps customers on AWS simplify their account management and provisioning. We believe here at Teem that products that simplify things for everyday humans has the flow on effect of making teams more productive and happier!

When we started Teem Ops the vision was not clear because we hadn’t talked to any “potential customers”. However as we started talking to several people in the industry and pivoted twice we realised the problems we’re trying to solve on Day 1:

  • IT Operations in AWS. Why not make it simpler?
  • Account Management. Why not consolidate views of multiple accounts?
  • API: Why not build a platform for cloud simplification?

What I learnt is that it’s really important to stick to your core product features and values. And customer feedback is essentially what drives your product features and values come from your own experiences in the industry. 

What about AWS? Doesn’t it already simplify IT and make it easier? Yes we believe AWS has changed the game in terms of IT services and allowing businesses to scale and grow. But we believe also that what makes AWS more powerful are partnerships and expertise. That’s where products like Teem Ops and others come into play. In addition to this there is a massive growing industry that focusses on providing consulting services on AWS to take away pain from businesses.

So have a sneak peek of some screenshots below and we look forward to releasing more Teem Ops into over the next little while.

Some of the things you can do with Teemops on AWS:

  • Perform Security Auditing
  • Create EC2 instances that can be launched in any region or your AWS accounts.
  • View servers / EC2 instances across multiple accounts and regions in the same view
  • Have predefined rules for new servers, reducing the number of steps required to launch an EC2 instance.

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